Whitney Russell


Originally from Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Whitney Russell has lived in the Iowa City area since 2009. When she’s not busy selling homes, she volunteers for the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation, the City Circle Acting Company of Coralville and the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce. Whitney also enjoys spending time with her husband Ben and their two rescue dogs, Jim and Chi Chi.  With a background in local banking, Whitney is well connected in the community and is happy to use those connections to take the stress out of buying and selling for you!

Fun Facts About Whitney Russell

  • Are You A Little Bit Urban Or A Little Bit Acres? Urban
  • Favorite Book: The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker
  • Favorite Food: Mac N’ Cheese… or any sweets
  • Favorite Movie: I can’t pick. Today it’s The Shawshank Redemption, tomorrow it’s Homeward Bound, yesterday it was The Lion King, and next week it’s Old School.
  • Favorite Local Landmark: Does the animal shelter count? No? Ok, the dog park. Wait, that doesn’t count either? Ok, well how about the Capitol building then.
  • Favorite Sports Team: UNI Panthers! Oh wait… I’m in Iowa City… Go Hawks!
  • Favorite Iowa Fact: We have three times as many hogs as we do people!
  • Favorite Childhood Toy: My Ren and Stimpy stuffed animals
  • Favorite Musician? Whitney Houston
  • Favorite Color? Red
  • One Thing About You No One Would Guess? I love rodents

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