Leah Vander Hart

Marketing Director

A native of Pella, Iowa, Leah Vander Hart earned her degree from the University of Iowa in Art. She recently purchased her first home in Cedar Rapids where she and her boyfriend, Tyler Johnson, enjoy spending time with their dog, Barb, and cat, Carl. “We are definitely homebodies but love spending time outdoors camping, fishing, canoeing, and playing horse shoes! I also enjoy photography. When I am not shooting family sessions or beautiful outdoor scenes, I’m shooting events for work.”

Fun Facts About Leah Vander Hart

  • Describe Yourself: Goofball, wildly inappropriate, big heart, passionate, organized, eager to discover, a tiny bit stubborn and based on this list maybe a little crazy 🙂 “What a beautifully short ride this life is, I want to live every single moment of it.”
  • One Thing About You No One Would Guess: I am terrified of mascots, the Easter bunny, clowns…basically any kind of large dressed-up character needs to keep a safe distance.
  • Favorite Food: Every kind of pasta or seafood – anything to give my blood pressure a nice boost
  • Favorite Book: Great Gatsby
  • Favorite Movie: It’s a toss-up between A River Runs Through It and Steel Magnolias
  • Favorite Landmark: Sutliff Bridge
  • Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Twins. There’s nothing like baseball, beers, and hotdogs.
  • Favorite Musician: Eric Church hands down. Although I love me some Buddy Holly, CCR & Gary Allan
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Childhood Toy: Does making lists count? 🙂
  • Favorite Iowa Fact: Wyatt Earp’s boyhood home was Pella, Iowa. I love westerns.
  • A Little Bit Urban or a Little Bit Acres? All acres, baby!

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