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Daphne Patton knows better than anyone that endurance athletes and real estate agents have a lot in common. She believes her track record as a collegiate athlete and marathon runner complements a 12-year career that demands a “never sit down, never give up attitude.” Daphne was a letter winner on the rowing team at the University of Iowa and is a retired downhill ski racer and high school soccer player. Daphne has run six marathons in the U.S. and globally, including the 2014 Boston Marathon. Her “inside” hobbies include reading, interior design, and drinking coffee. Born in Rome, Italy and raised in Chicago, Daphne holds a Geology degree from the University of Iowa. She is actively involved in the community as: a House Board Member and Advisor to Kappa Kappa Gamma National Fraternity; Iowa City Hockey Board Member; and a LIVESTRONG Foundation Fundraiser. Today, Daphne lives in North Liberty with her husband, daughter, twin sons, and her dog. When she’s not working with clients or running marathons, she enjoys yoga, mountain climbing, backpacking, skiing and cycling.

Fun Facts About Daphne Patton

  • Describe Yourself: Attentive, respectful, professional, outgoing, and understanding.
  • Are You a Little Bit Urban or a Little Bit Acres? I’m a little bit of both being from a major city, that makes me urban but I live in the country now and love the peace, serenity, and connection with nature my “acres” give me.
  • Favorite Book: “Down the River” by Edward Abbey
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club
  • Favorite Local Landmark: The Devonian Fossil Gorge
  • Favorite Sports Team: The Iowa Hawkeyes
  • Favorite Iowa Fact: 99% of Iowans can read, giving Iowa the highest literacy rate in the Nation!
  • Favorite Childhood Toy: My dollhouse. I loved to rearrange the furniture. No wonder I love the home staging part of this career!
  • Favorite Musician: The Grateful Dead
  • Favorite Color: I can’t choose just one!
  • One Thing About You No One Would Guess? I was born in Italy, and I speak Italian.

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